Logotipo Sanborns


Grupo Sanborns seeks customer satisfaction in all its formats. It does this through a proper selection of products, presentation of shops and service quality. On the financial side seeks to optimize inventory management, reduce overhead and generate synergies. Also aims to create a culture of ownership and a preferred workplace for employees. All of this contributing to a higher return on investment for its shareholders.

Throughout its history, Grupo Sanborns has shown great success in reconverting nonperforming retail formats, successfully integrating and optimizing them. One example was Sears Mexico in 1997, format which operated 40 stores that consistently generated financial losses. Just one year after the purchase by Grupo Carso and the implementation of efficiency measures, the format began to generate profits. Similarly, in 2003 Grupo Carso acquired six JC Penney stores that were not profitable and six years after they had become Sears stores, reaching break even operating margins.

Grupo Sanborns has also been successful in incorporating new formats to its retail portfolio, complementing the offer of value added and growth potential. This was the case of the introduction in Mexico of the luxury department store Saks Fifth Avenue as well as the license obtained in 2010 to distribute Apple branded products and accessories in the country.

At the end of 2015 the www.ClaroShop.com site was launched, optimizing the technology platform and commercial strategy to give customers a unique experience in purchasing, payments and delivery of products thorugh different distribution channels.