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Social Performance

We work through the Carlos Slim Foundation which, with a high sense of social responsibility, efficiency and opportunity, carries out over 90 programs and projects in 13 different areas. Among others: education, employment, health, sports, culture and the environment, thus reaching over 45 million beneficiaries in Mexico and other Latin American countries. In 2017, particularly relevant for the Foundation was the initiative “México Unido” [“Mexico United”] for repairing the damages caused by the September earthquakes. During the emergency stage, the Group as a whole, with the outstanding work of its businesses and volunteers, responded immediately to the basic needs of thousands of affected persons, by supplying basic staples, camping tents, blankets and mats, water purifiers and telecommunications.

For the reconstruction and transformation stage, an invitation and call were launched so that for every Mexican peso received, the Foundation would contribute five more. We received a response from over 217 thousand donors who deposited their trust in us, with donations amounting to $412.4 million, to which $2,061.8 million were added by the Foundation. The resources were destined to housing reconstruction, health and education infrastructure, and the rescue of our cultural heritage. As established from the beginning, we have accounted month by month, with full transparency, on the acts and the application of the resources in the Foundation webpage. For further information, refer to http://www.fundacioncarlosslim.org/

In addition to the Foundation activities, the Grupo Sanborns subsidiaries continued investing in education, health, community infrastructure and development, through the following initiatives: