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Environmental Performance

Grupo Sanborns is characterized by complying with environmental standards that apply, so that in each of the participating units or establishments the relevant requirements are satisfied and authorizations required are obtained, mainly on control and registration of wastewater, air emissions, and for the handling and disposal of solid waste and hazardous materials when by the nature and the needs of the business are handled or generated.

The activities of Grupo Sanborns´ businesses do not pose any significant environmental risk, therefore; they are not subject to special controls or records, except those essential to the operation as waste solid waste and emissions from power plants. In addition, the activities of the commercial area have a low environmental impact.

The “Carso Environment Report” is published annually and includes the Carso Environmental policy, general indicators by industry and/or company projects, and measurable results in volume and in economic terms on issues such as:

In Spanish only:

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